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Invoicing Questions Answered

News Flash! Aggregated Invoices are now accepted by LinguistLink!

A lot of people have been asking if they can submit one invoice that includes several projects. We can finally say “Yes!”. Following these instructions on how to create and submit an aggregated invoice to LinguistLink.

If you’ve worked on a translation project in WordBee, we can send you an aggregated PO that you can submit as an invoice.

Invoice or Payment Question?

If you have any questions, the best thing to do is to go to our portal and complete a form. You can also send an email This will create a ticket that will track your issue. If you just email your scheduler, things can get lost, so we recommend using the form if you want a speedy response.

Check the Invoice Status in LinguistLink

Need to review the projects that you did? Interested in seeing what’s going on with your payments? This is all available to you using LinguistLink! Check out this link to learn more!