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Mindlinker Updates 2021-3-12

It’s been awhile! I hope you are doing well as we’ve hit the one year mark of this pandemic. It’s definitely been a year of growth for all of us. Please stay safe as things are opening back up in your communities.

There are a few things going on with Mindlink that I’d like to share!

First off — we have some opportunities with our clients. Check them out:

Parent Teacher Conferences

We have more education clients who need our help! Our client in central Oregon has asked for some assistance with interpretation for their conferences this month. If you worked on Portland Public Schools last fall, I will make your profile available for assignment proposals in Stay tuned for appointment proposals. Please let us know if you are no longer available by emailing us:

Mentoring Opportunities

If you’ve been thinking about getting more involved with us, I’m looking for some help with scheduling projects for the next few months. This is a chance to try out some skills! Check out some details here:

Video Video Video

One big change we’ve noticed in the past year is how many video projects we’ve been getting! We’ve been providing transcriptions, translated subtitles, and more. We’ve been in a fast learning curve about the best approach for doing this work. There is definitely some skill required. I came across some resources if you’re interested learning more about doing video subtitling. I’m anticipating we’ll continue to grow in this area!

We’re really happy to work with you! Stay tuned for more opportunities and trainings.

Take care,

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